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The beginning?

During 18 years working for the Kompass directories and in various publishing houses of professional magazines, Mr.Jan Derdelinckx gained excellent experience in the field of address management and magazines publishing. Jan understood that advertising can be made 'measurable' with very good and effective lead generation results if it is presented in the right way.

In the eighties Jan had the opportunity to successfully start, according to his new concept, a magazine for installers focusing the industrial market. He experimented with this new magazine based on applications, with anonymous ads which was a pretty revolutionary approach.


It took up to 1996 until the Magazine 'Direct News' was successfully launched. It was a new but yet proven concept in the industrial market. Jan's +20 years of expertise and his huge network in the Benelux industry have turned Direct News into the industrial market reference for technical products announcements, as well as it got a label of intelligent and most profitable lead generation tool for the companies who were sponsering the concept.

Key figures of Direct News (1996 - 2014)
  • Number of Ads : 8059
  • Number of Requests: 99500
  • Average requests per ads: 12


Searching-engines and other digital media have totally changed the way how customers search for products - at least - given that only a limited number of companies can afford the marketing teams and efforts to adapt fast to the new (digital) way of product presentation and product searching. But it also gives new exciting possibilities that even improve and increase the benefits of a proven concept like Direct News.
As such the team was reinforced with digital experts under the leadership of Gerry Ntabuhashe who joined the company and came in charge of the programme to re-design and complete the digital version of the concept.
This has lead to a completely new, redesigned and exciting digital platform with a dual approach of a Printed Revue in combination with a digital Site and Newsletter. Hence, 20 years after the first successful launch, the company is ready with a sophisticated platform that will serve you, the engineer, the project leader, the product manager, the technician, the technical expert, the professional .. in finding the right solution and product in a more selective and dedicated way than ever before.
These new possibilities will also serve small, medium and large sized industrial companies and manufacturers to better fine-tune their products and solutions for any industrial application that is covered by the Direct News platform.

The aim of this concept

INDUSAP is filtering and presenting information of products and solutions per type of application in order to match the product offering of vendors with the solution searching of the technical professionals/visitors of Indusap in a direct, fast and smart way.
Contrary to many sites on the Internet, Indusap guarantees that no robots or any other fake product offerings are part of this searching and matching engine, neither that the visitors are re-directed to places where they never had intention to go to, neither that searching data would be used without permission. The selective product offering of Indusap is very much a time-saving and thus effective way to connect people who are after a specific product with experts who might be able to present the solution. Yes, we use the Internet to communicate, but the visitors enter a secured and safe environment - fully GDPR compliant-, as a store full of products and solutions ranked according its field of application, and this without tricks, traps or trials. You get what you see and what you read. Products are real and available, delivered from screened manufacturers who are signing off for a fast - if possible- prompt response of any request.

In spite of these Quality Guarantee and most interesting and attractive matching principle, the Indusap engine and Indusap Store is free. Visiting Direct News Indusap is free, as well as when it comes to a commercial relationship/sale between people or companies who are starting business based on a contact realized through Direct News Indusap.
By the way: you can not buy anything at Direct News. Direct News is ('only') matching technical people searching for a technical solution, be it in a smart and selective way.

The logistical and technical support of the engine is sponsered by the vendors who are offering potential solutions for the covered industrial application. As this is now realized in a digital way, it allows for selective messaging towards the Direct News Indusap-user about new innovative solutions within her/his particular domain of interest. Simply a fantastic way to get technical solutions presented without losing the time by visiting websites and reading for >80% irrelevant information.

Direct News Indusap is a tool that enables technical people to identify solutions for their specific field of application with the assurance that the person who will answering, is potentially an expert who might know and offer the right technical solution.
As such Direct News Indusap is the place where people and companies connect as of a common technical interest, be it about a simple or most complicated matter, and from where a direct off-line communication is initiated between experts without any further involvement of the platform.

Why anonymous?

Considering that the majority of engineers are looking for a solution and they want to compare similar products or services, Indusap is drawing the attention to the product or service and not to the brand. Indusap is not about competition between 'brands' but about finding the technical solution to a technical problem. That is the focus of Indusap Matching Engine. Still, when applying for more information about the proposed technical solution, than the applicant will get in contact with the company who is offering the product as the vendor will follow-up on the demand. Thus the brand of the company will be known anyway. There is no intention nor purpose of Indusap to 'hide' the brand of the product, it is simply because it doesn't matter in a first step 'who' is offering something, but 'what' is offered. It is also an assurance that all products and services that are in the Indusap Store for this technical request will be considered without overlooking or missing one, and this without any preference for one or another brand.

INDUSAP ... where professionals meet each other in a fast, direct and effective way.

We assist free of charge engineers (readers) to find the right solution.



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